Shipping, Delivery and Pick-up Info

Zoe Ford Pantry  Shipping within Canada

For Our Pantry Products, we are currently offering the following shipping rates to Canadian provinces. FREE shipping on all order over $100 with a free gift for orders over $75)

Orders are usually dispatched in 1-3 days and you will receive a tracking numebr. Orders are subject to COVID-19 shipping delays.

Quebec, Ontario (1-2 days)
Min $19
$11.50 Flat
Shipping Fee
New Brunswick, Nova-Scotia and PEI. (4-5 days)
Min $24.95 CAD
$13.50 Flat
Shipping Fee

Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia (4-5 days)

Note: Orders are dispatched the following Monday or Tuesday (so that products don't sit over the weekend).

Min $24.95 CAD

$18 Flat
Shipping Fee

$18 Flat Shipping Fee (BC only)

Quebec, Ontario, 

New Brunswick, Nova-Scotia and PEI 

Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia 

$100 CAD
and up

automatic at checkout.



Unfortunately we are not responsible packages that are delayed or lost by the shipping company. You may contact us and we will do anything to help locate it. 

Canadian Territories

Unfortunately do not ship directly from our website to the following areas: North West Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, LabradorWrite to us your desired order, and we will be happy to provide a shipping estimate and ship your order manually.

USA & International

We are offering shipping to the US- Email us with your order and we will respond with details!